SP success as Parliament condemns plans for EU Public Prosecutor

7 June 2017

SP success as Parliament condemns plans for EU Public Prosecutor

It’s decided. On a motion proposed by SP Member of Parliament Michiel van Nispen, Parliament today voted not to agree to the Netherlands’ participation in a European Public Prosecutor’s Office. “International cooperation to combat fraud is something which of course I wholeheartedly support,” says Van Nispen. “Unnecessarily giving away control over the priorities of our police and other institutions we completely reject, however. So it’s great news that a parliamentary majority is once again supporting our resistance against the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor.”

The SP has fought the setting up of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office since it was first mooted. Member states must retain control of their criminal law, their priorities and the deployment of their police and their own public prosecutors. “There’s an enormous risk, moreover, that a European Public Prosecutor’s Office will prove to be the thin end of the wedge, leading to still more handing over of powers,” warns Van Nispen. “For example, the types of crime which such an office will be empowered to investigate and prosecute could be broadened. What we want to see now are efforts being made to develop a better approach to fraudulent use of EU money, for example by means of international cooperation and the European anti-fraud service OLAF.”

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