12,000 protest in Brussels against Trump’s war policies

26 May 2017

12,000 protest in Brussels against Trump’s war policies

Foto: SP

On the 25th of may Brussels hosted the NATO summit at which amongst the matters discussed was the raising of NATO member states’ defence budgets. Those present included US  President Donald Trump, who on his arrival in Brussels was welcomed by 12,000 people fed up of his war policies. Among them was SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut. “During his election campaign he presented himself as the anti-war candidate, but as with so many election promises this one died the death in the first few months of his presidency,” she said, adding that “one thing is now clear: Trump = war.” 

In the Dutch national Parliament yesterday a motion from the SP was carried calling for NATO to adopt a restrictive policy regarding the export of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. The motion followed the report that the US had concluded an arms deal with the Gulf state worth $100m. “Aside from arms manufacturers, who are seeing their profits rise rapidly, everyone loses from this madness,” said Karabulut.  “It’s high time a halt was called to Trump’s war policies.”

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