Further militarisation of the conflict in Syria won’t bring peace

9 April 2017

Further militarisation of the conflict in Syria won’t bring peace

SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut is deeply concerned about the American attack on Syria. ‘The civil war in Syria has been raging for six years and has brought nothing but misery,’ she says. ‘Hundreds of thousands have died and at least five million have fled to neighbouring countries. The chemical attack in Syria was a cowardly, completely unacceptable deed and a serious breach of international law. Those responsible must be identified and brought to justice.’

It shows the Americans’ attitude that they didn’t wait for the results of an international inquiry into this and the announcement of a cease-fire to prevent more civilian casualties. Instead, over recent nights they have fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian air force base, which reports indicate also caused a number of deaths. This was a countermeasure for the chemical attacks allegedly committed by the Assad regime earlier in the week. President Trump is calling on other countries to join the US, but a further militarisation of the conflict in Syria involving the US, Russia and other great powers is the last thing the people there need.

“I am looking to Foreign Minister Bert Koenders to condemn the US action and call on all of the parties to the Syrian conflict to exercise restraint,” says Karabulut. “The only solution to this conflict is a cease-fire and the ending of all forms of military support to every side. Only then can serious attempts be made to bring peace.”

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