SP urges enquiry into introduction of euro

1 February 2017

SP urges enquiry into introduction of euro

The SP is supporting the citizens’ initiative (CI) – dubbed the ‘peuro’ – requesting a parliamentary enquiry into the way in which the euro was introduced. The CI will need to gather 40,000 signatures, which will in turn oblige the Dutch Parliament to add the matter to its agenda. The people behind the CI are of the opinion that there was insufficient critical debate around the time that the Maastricht Treaty, which made the euro’s introduction possible, was signed.

The euro was a hugely radical project, and in retrospect one which has caused a great deal of damage. That’s why SP Member of Parliament Arnold Merkies, himself an economist, has added his voice to calls for a parliamentary enquiry. “I think it’s important that the way in which the euro was realised is subject to a better investigation,” says Merkies. “With the introduction of the currency union they were trying to take a political leap forward without taking sufficient account of the economic and financial risks. Now we’re struggling with the negative consequences, consequences which in 2009 became tangible for everyone as a result of the eurocrisis. I will therefore be presenting a motion for a parliamentary enquiry to bring all relevant facts to light and find answers to the many questions surrounding the euro’s introduction.”

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