Malmström puts profit before climate in TTIP

11 July 2016

Malmström puts profit before climate in TTIP

Foto: Sudika

The SP is furious about freshly leaked TTIP-documents which show that the European Commission is proposing to allow shale gas on to the European market while undermining incentives to promote green energy. The documents represent the European starting position for the new round of negotiations on the controversial trade treaty taking place this week.

Euro-MP Anne-Marie Mineur has long opposed such treaties. “These documents show once more just what we’re up against,” she says. “The leaked text puts oil and gas industry interests before those of the people. All restrictions on the export of shale gas must be lifted, and no preference given to green energy. This would make it completely impossible to meet the Paris goals. With this the European Commission is totally destroying its credibility.”

The TTIP negotiations have been tough going for several years. The parties have failed to reach agreement not only in relation to energy, but also on agriculture and public procurement. In a speech to the Atlantic Council at the end of last month, Commissioner Cecilia Malmström showed that she was prepared to do anything to close the deal. “If Malmström’s intention is to undermine support for this treaty and widen the gulf with the populace then she is absolutely on the right track,” says Mineur. “The European Commission’s attitude is confirming our suspicions in every way possible.”

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