TTIP-'transparency' adds very little

27 April 2016

TTIP-'transparency' adds very little

The SP has reacted critically to the attempt by the European Commission to increase transparency in relation to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact, the TTIP. The publication on the state of affairs in the TTIP negotiations includes little relevant new information and only serves to show how far the treaty remains from completion.

SP Euro-MP Anne-Marie Mineur is critical of the publication. "The Commission presented with a great deal of hoo-ha a document on the status of the negotiations," she says, "but says absolutely nothing with respect to content about the problems which there have been in the talks with the US. So, for example, no additional information is given about the infamous arbitration system ISDS/ICS that would mean that corporations will soon be able to take states to court. Does the US accept the new proposals, or not? Given the song and dance which greeted the original system, that’s extremely important."

Apart from the lack of any real information about the negotiations, the publication makes it clear that approaching the end of his term of office, Barack Obama is exerting heavy pressure on the process, but that agreement on important topics is far from having been achieved. "We are certainly no supporters of this treaty, but if it’s still having to be urged along in this frantic fashion you’re entitled to ask about the likely quality of the text," says Mineur. "Malmström should be conducting the negotiations transparently and thoroughly. If the treaty’s as good as she insists it is, then it should be able to be adopted on its merits."

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