Transparency International has no confidence in Ukrainian government

27 January 2016

Transparency International has no confidence in Ukrainian government

In the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) published today by Transparency International (TI), Ukraine is once again to be found amongst the worst regions. Commenting on the finding, SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong says: ´Ukraine can be found amongst countries like Paraguay and Nepal in 130th place out of a total of 167 countries. As if that weren’t bad enough, TI notes that the government is digging its heels in when it comes to taking the necessary measures against corruption. And with a country like that the EU should sign an Association Agreement? A no in the Ukraine referendum -and a no to companies who want to do business there and which have no hesitation in paying bribes.

Most member states of the European Union have done a little better this year than last. ‘It’s really good news that most member states are making progress. That goes for the Netherlands, which scores 87 points, four more than in 2015, and stands in fifth place as against eighth place last year. It’s also true of many member states in southern and eastern Europe. Greece, where Alexis Tsipras’s left government sees combatting corruption as a priority, has risen from 69th place in the world rankings to 58th with three more points than last year, a total of 46. Cyprus and Spain on the other hand, where established parties were in power, have dropped. It’s good to see that the new left brooms are able to sweep clean.’

It must always be remembered that the CPI measures only perception, with numerous companies being asked for their judgement of countries where they are active. ‘Perceptions are never wholly reliable,’ notes De Jong, ‘but this is the best measure we have. Corruption is a crime which both parties have an interest in covering up. Precise figures on the amounts paid in bribes can’t therefore be given.’

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