Syria: ‘More bombs, more war, more refugees'

26 January 2016

Syria: ‘More bombs, more war, more refugees'

Foto: SP

Plans of the governing centre-right VVD and centre left PvdA (Labour Party) coalition to bomb Syria will lead to a further escalation of violence. 'This is an incomprehensible turn-around from Labour,' says SP leader Emile Roemer. 'Yet more bombs will lead to ever more refugees. We should not be dropping bombs but food parcels for the people suffering under ISIS and the Assad-regime.’

In the very week that in Geneva the warring parties in Syria are seeking a political solution, the VVD-PvdA coalition is going for the military option. 'Unbelievable,' according to Roemer. ‘What Syria needs is a cease-fire, a political solution and humanitarian aid for the victims of the war.'

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