Van Bommel: ‘Palestinian MPs should be in Parliament, not in prison’

10 September 2014

Van Bommel: ‘Palestinian MPs should be in Parliament, not in prison’

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel believes that Israel should immediately free the Palestinian parliamentarians which it has taken prisoner. ‘As things stand some thirty-six Members of the Palestinian Parliament are in Israeli detention,’ notes Van Bommel. ‘That’s completely unacceptable. They should not in my opinion be locked up, but must be free to do their work as representatives of their people.’

Prompted by the recently imposed house arrest of Member of Parliament Khalida Jarrar, the SP has put a number of questions to Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans, including a call to the government to summon the Israeli ambassador. The minister replied, however, that despite the fact that he is concerned about the matter, he for the moment sees no occasion to take such a measure.

‘I don’t understand how the minister can remain so passive’ says Van Bommel.’ It’s very frustrating, because more pressure is precisely what we need. So I will be writing myself to the Israeli government with a request that they release my fellow parliamentarians.’

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