Foreign Minister must clarify position on unacceptable Israeli violence in Gaza

7 August 2014

Foreign Minister must clarify position on unacceptable Israeli violence in Gaza

The SP parliamentary group in The Hague is asking Foreign Minister Frans  Timmermans to inform Parliament just why he is of the opinion that Israel has used unacceptable violence in Gaza and what consequences this unacceptable conduct should entail.

In written questions to the government SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel drew attention to Minister Timmermans’ statements on Monday in the national newspaper NRC. Van Bommel wants to know whether the minister intends to meet with Parliament to discuss his judgment of the military violence employed by Israel in Gaza, acts which have cost more than 1800 people, most of them civilians, their lives..

He is also seeking to find out whether the minister has plans to summon the Israeli ambassador in order to inform him of the Dutch government’s position. Van Bommel asks  Timmermans whether the government is resolved to take measures against Israel on the basis of the Association Agreement between that country and the European Union, in which respect for human rights is explicitly mentioned.

In the view of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, war crimes may have been committed in Gaza. The SP wants to know whether the Netherlands supports the call for an international enquiry, and whether its support can be expected for Palestine’s intention to apply for membership of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Membership of the ICJ would make possible the lodging of a criminal complaint against the Israeli conduct in Gaza.

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