Superstate no, cooperation yes

6 May 2014

Superstate no, cooperation yes

Are you unwilling any longer to charge headlong towards an ever more powerful European Superstate? Do you want from now on to have the last word when it comes to what we in our own country decide and not leave it to Brussels’ meddling? Do you want to cooperate when cooperation is useful, but keep control of everything that we can better regulate for ourselves? Then you must decide who will best make your voice heard in Europe.

The existing European Union is controlled by big corporations and big countries, whose interests far too often come before our own. We want to decide for ourselves how we work together in Europe. We don’t want Brussels any longer to run our society. We can best determine for ourselves how our labour market operates, or our health care, our education, our pensions, our social housing, our public transport and our budget.

European cooperation is a fine goal: to preserve the peace, promote wellbeing and protect democratic and social rights. But it is the Europhiles who threaten to undermine these goals. In this election manifesto we explain how we can take back the reins in our own country – by cooperating with others where useful, but at the same time distancing ourselves from the European Superstate.

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