Van Bommel urges enquiry into Turkish involvement in Syrian war

15 April 2014

Van Bommel urges enquiry into Turkish involvement in Syrian war

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel wants to see an independent international enquiry into possible Turkish involvement in the war in Syria. ‘A lot of reports are coming out regarding the role Turkey is playing in neighbouring Syria,’ says Van Bommel. ‘It’s high time that someone looked more deeply into this in order that the extent and nature of Turkish support can be made clear. Tomorrow I’ll be asking (Foreign Minister) Timmermans to advocate an international enquiry.’

Harry van BommelIn the last few years the Turkish authorities have been under continual suspicion of aiding the Syrian rebels, including by giving them shelter in Turkey and by training insurgents. Weapons may also be being delivered via Turkey. Such support is not only going to moderate groups, but also to jihadist rebels who may have links with Al Qaida. There are in addition reports which point to Turkish involvement in military actions across the border in Syria.

‘The constant stream of reports about the role Turkey is playing in the civil war in Syria demands clarification,’ says Van Bommel. ‘There is possibly a role here for the Council of Europe, which recently conducted investigations into, for example, organ theft in Kosovo and the CIA’s secret torture practices. Tomorrow, during the debate with the minister on this issue, I’ll be calling on him to make efforts towards an enquiry of this kind. Given the presence of Dutch Patriot Missiles in Turkey, it’s of especially great importance that we get clarity on this question.’

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