Roemer and De Jong: ‘No to this EU’

22 March 2014

Roemer and De Jong: ‘No to this EU’

SP leader Emile Roemer and number one candidate for the European Parliament, incumbent MEP Dennis de Jong, this morning kicked off the campaign in Amersfoort – site of the party’s HQ – for the elections to the European Parliament on 22nd May. ‘The SP is the party for people who want to speak out against the European Superstate and against the right wing extremism threatening the Netherlands and Europe. We stand for cooperation between countries in Europe and against undemocratic parties looking to increase the influence of Brussels at the cost of the power of the citizens. The SP says “no” to this EU.’

SP leader Emile Roemer and Euro-MP Dennis de Jong putting up the first posters

At the geographic centre of the Netherlands, by the high church spire in Amersfoort known as the Lange Jan, Roemer and De Jong put up the first election posters. To the 150 SP activists present Roemer explained why the coming elections were more important than ever. ‘During the economic crisis the power of the European Union has only grown,’ he said. ‘If it were up to the supporters of a Superstate, Brussels would soon be taking decisions for us on our health care and our public transport, matters which countries can best decide for themselves.’

According to Dennis de Jong, development towards a federal Europe has accelerated in recent years. ‘Five years ago we conducted a campaign for “less Brussels”,’ he said. ‘Today we can confirm that all we’ve got is more Brussels. The SP wants to see the European Commission abolished, because it’s undemocratic and bureaucratic. We have good alternatives to improve cooperation between countries to their mutual advantage: more influence for the citizens and fewer diktats from Brussels.’

Dennis de Jong en Emile Roemer
Dennis de Jong and Emile Roemer

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