Purchase of JSF is historic error

7 November 2013

Purchase of JSF is historic error

The Labour Party’s huge about-turn regarding the Joint Strike Fighter is a leap into a black hole. This was the view expressed by SP Member of Parliament Jasper van Dijk following the lengthy Parliamentary debate on the controversial decision.


The aircraft is not yet finished and is struggling with countless defects. The complex technology means that there is a massive likelihood of further cost increases and delays. That would men still more payments, or going in search of an alternative. ‘Buying this flying millstone is a historic error,’ says Van Dijk: ‘We will confirm that if we have a parliamentary enquiry.’

Van Dijk describes it as ‘incomprehensible’ that this government of Labour and centre-right VVD in times of spending cuts is nevertheless going to spend 4.5 billion on a fighter-bomber that we don’t need. When it became clear yesterday that the JSF was on its way, Van Dijk urged Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis to have a strict escape clause added to the contract. ‘A money-back-if-not-satisfied rule is the least the Labour Party should demand.’ Hennis promised to see to this. In addition, a Parliamentary majority expressed support for Van Dijk’s proposal that the JSF’s nuclear weapon-related tasks be scrapped. This will be voted on shortly.

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