SP asks for government’s cooperation in visit of Snowden

21 October 2013

SP asks for government’s cooperation in visit of Snowden

SP Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak wants to invite whistle-blowser Edward Snowden to a hearing in the Dutch national parliament in The Hague. He is therefore asking the government to give its assurance that Snowden would not be extradited to the United States. At the same time he is asking the government to do all its power to ensure Snowden’s safety during his visit.

Ronald van Raak‘The Americans’ monitoring operations appear increasingly extensive,’ Van Raak said. ‘There are serious indications that the US secret service the NSA can monitor, store and analyse virtually all data that Dutch citizens exchange via telephone and internet. This is a breach of our fundamental rights.’

Parliament must, according to Van Raak, use all possible means to keep itself informed. A meeting with Snowden, currently staying in Russia, is an opportunity which should not be missed. ‘For this we need the cooperation of the government, in connection with Mr Snowden’s safety, but also in order to prevent the whistle-blower from being extradited to the US.’

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