Syria: Van Bommel demands recall of parliament over war threats

27 August 2013

Syria: Van Bommel demands recall of parliament over war threats

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel wants to see an immediate parliamentary debate with Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans over the threat of war against Syria. ‘The preparations for war are sufficient to justify the rapid holding of a debate.’ He says. ‘In Britain they are considering recalling Parliament in order to discuss military action. The SP wants to know what requests have been made of the Netherlands and what the standpoint of the government is.’

Harry van BommelThe Netherlands could become involved in actions against Syria because of the presence of Patriot rockets in Turkey. Van Bommel has asked Timmermans whether requests have already been made, in line with previous agreements, for the transfer of the Patriots, and what is the government’s reaction to these, as he explains. ‘The agreement is for the Patriots to be returned to the Netherlands if Turkey participates in an offensive against Syria.’

It was announced today that Greece has been asked to make bases available for the deployment of American aeroplanes. Yesterday US Secretary of State John Kerry hinted at the likelihood of actions against Syria. Van Bommel is deeply concerned by this, arguing that ‘the conflict in Syria is hugely complicated. Military actions could lead to its spreading to neighbouring countries. This would serve noboldy’s interests, least of all those of Syria’s civilian population.’

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