SP leader Emile Roemer: ‘Government must reject Brussels’ kamikaze politics’

29 May 2013

SP leader Emile Roemer: ‘Government must reject Brussels’ kamikaze politics’

In SP leader Emile Roemer’s view, the European Commission’s recommendations for the Netherlands’ economy are completely misguided. ‘Six to seven billion in additional spending cuts next year adds up to kamikaze politics. I expect the government to reject these recommendations. If they don’t do so, they’ll be heading straight for higher unemployment, more demands for income support, and greater deficits. In which case, as far as I’m concerned it would be better if the government were to resign.’

Emile RoemerThe European Commission’s recommendation that the budget deficit be reduced next year to 2.8% is, Roemer argues, economically foolish and socially unacceptable. ‘We should be conducting intelligent economic policies and not declaring figures coming out of Brussels to be sacred. That means directed investment and working towards the restoration of purchasing power and confidence.’

The SP leader has for years advocated an active policy of economic stimulation by the state. Housing associations investing in building, renovation and insulation of social accommodation could pull the building sector out of slump. Directed investments in infrastructure and sustainability will create jobs and prepare the Netherlands for the future. Invest now in education and innovation and you’ll help the Netherlands out of the crisis.’

Roemer emphasises the fact that for the restoration of confidence, improving people’s purchasing power is a necessity. ‘The biggest problem as things stand is the shortfall in domestic expenditures,’ he insists. ‘Restoring purchasing power will turn the economy around. That’s what we need now.’

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