EU plans bad for Dutch railways

21 March 2013

EU plans bad for Dutch railways

In the opinion of SP Member of Parliament Farshad Bashir, the European Commission should immediately withdraw its plans for EU railways. ‘According to Brussels the Netherlands must chop its railway network into pieces and sell these pieces off to different rail companies,” says Bashir. “What you would then be left with would be a chaotic patchwork of lines, companies and regulations for which no-one any longer would have responsibility.’

Farshad BashirKnown as the 4th Rail Package, the proposals are at absolute odds with the expressed opinion of the majority of Dutch MPs. ‘We agreed that NS (Dutch Rail) should remain the principle carrier until at least 2024,’ Bashir recalls. ‘But if it’s left to Brussels this majority view will simply be pushed to one side. So we’re not going to leave it to them.’

Bashir believes that the Secretary of State responsible for the dossier, Wilma Mansveld, should react more strongly against Brussels’ mania for meddling. ‘Mansveld wants now to look into the possible consequences of these plans,’ he says. ‘That’s completely unnecessary, in view of its rejection by Parliament. She could simply go to Brussels and tell them that we aren’t going to go along with this, so what’s the need for an enquiry?’

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