A resident permit for €200.000?

6 March 2013

A resident permit for €200.000?

Recent weeks have seen a number of EU member states – amongst others, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ireland and Cyprus - announce that they are willing to give rich foreigners a residency permit if, for example, they buy a house in the country. It is no coincidence that it is for the most part countries who find themselves in major financial problems as a result of the economic crisis. However, anyone who has received a residency permit from one of these Schengen countries will also be free to settle in the Netherlands. Today, Secretary of State for Security and Justice Fred Teeven stated that he was attracted by the idea of introducing such a regulation.

Sharon GesthuizenSP Member of Parliament Sharon Gesthuizen, commenting on the situation, says: ‘This is the Netherlands’ clearance sale. If you bring a bag of money with you then you’re welcome and there’ll be no m /ore said?’ Gesthuizen also sees it as unacceptable to distinguish between rich and poor migrants in this way. ‘Next Saturday I will be at the Vluchtkerk in Amsterdam to express my solidarity with the asylum seekers there. Many of the people there, for example the Somalis, must according to this government and whatever it costs, go back to dangerous countries where hundreds die through violence every month. ’I find it outrageous that Secretary of State Teeven wants to keep as many refugees as possible out,’ says Gesthuizen, ‘but is happy to open the door wide for rich migrants.’

The SP is concerned, furthermore, about the ease with which money can be laundered in this fashion. Teeven is unable to comment on such risks.

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