SP supports phased plan for a nuclear weapons-free Netherlands

14 February 2013

SP supports phased plan for a nuclear weapons-free Netherlands

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel together with other MPs received a report containing a phased plan for a nuclear weapons- free Netherlands. The report was produced by peace group IKV Pax Christi. 'The presence of American nuclear weapons on the airforce base at Volkel is neither confirmed nor denied by the government, but it’s an open secret,’ says Van Bommel. ‘It has been discussed repeatedly in Parliament. It’s high time that now at last for once action followed all these words. The SP fully supports the phased plan.’

In the report IKV Pax Christi call for openness on nuclear weapons and the costs involved. The peace organisation also wants to see the Netherlands taking the lead in nuclear disarmament and not wait for NATO and Russia. In addition a clear timeline for nuclear disarmament should be developed. Finally, the Netherlands is urged to become a determined pioneer of nuclear disarmament.

On ‘Het Plein’, the square outside Parliament in The Hague, a protest action against investments in nuclear weapon producers was also organised. A recent investigation has shown that banks ABN Amro, AEGON, ING, Rabobank Group, SNS Reaal and Van Lanschot between them have invested more than €1.5 billion in twenty producers and managers of nuclear weapons. ‘Investors in these completely objectionable nuclear weapons are probably right in a formal sense that their investments are legal, but you have to say that this crosses every boundary of what is decent and what is moral. They should withdraw their investments.’

Campaigners brought with them a special combative song

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