Anti-vivisection group names SP’s Dennis de Jong Lab Animals ‘Friend of the Month’

16 January 2013

Anti-vivisection group names SP’s Dennis de Jong Lab Animals ‘Friend of the Month’

SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong from Rotterdam has been named ‘Friend of the Month’ by anti-vivisection group Proefdiervrij (“Lab Animal-Free”). De Jong was awarded the title as a result of his valuable role and efforts in pursuit of a complete European Union test ban and a trade ban for cosmetics tested on animals.

It is forbidden within the EU to test cosmetic end products on animals. However, the European Commission wants to allow exceptions for certain ingredients of cosmetics where there remains no alternative to tests on animals. De Jong finds this unacceptable and that’s why he has been working with Proefdiervrij in Brussels towards a complete ban. ‘To me it’s a strange idea that cosmetic producers are still using animal tests,’ says De Jong. ‘There are enough alternatives available which make no use of animals. A beautiful appearance should never be at the expense of the wellbeing of animals, should it?’

European ban on animal tests and trade in animal-tested cosmetics

The fight for the introduction of a complete European ban on animal tests and trade on animal-tested cosmetics has been going on for twenty years, but De Jong has high hopes that a ban will finally be on 11th March. ‘The European Commissioner who has this dossier has said that he will stick to a ban,’ he says. ‘Together with Proefdiervrij I’ve been insisting that we should have written confirmation and we’re continuing to put pressure on for a complete ban.’ In De Jong’s view the cosmetics industry must seek alternatives to animal tests which in the development phase would create only minimal extra costs and would spare animals.’

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