Van Bommel: Campaign against Chinese activists is alarming

5 November 2012

Van Bommel: Campaign against Chinese activists is alarming

05-11-2012 • SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel is extremely alarmed about the current intensive campaign against activists by the Chinese authorities. ‘This week the 18th party congress takes place in China,’ notes Van Bommel. ‘Because China doesn’t want this disturbed, a lot of activists have been arrested. That’s a very worrying development.’

Amnesty International reports that at least 130 activists have been arrested, restrictions placed on them and that organisations campaigning for protection of rights have been closed down by the Chinese authorities. The human rights organisation also points to the existence of illegal detention centres where the activists are being held. In addition, the Internet as well as transport to a number of places, including Tibet en Xinjiang, are being further curtailed.

Harry van Bommel‘Amnesty International is critical, quite rightly, of recent measures which restrict freedoms,’ says Van Bommel. ‘The current oppression of activists in China isn’t acceptable. The Netherlands ought I believe to raise this matter with China and to stress the importance of immediately releasing all activists who have been arrested for expressing their opinion. So I have asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs to lodge an objection with the Chinese ambassador.’

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