Van Bommel: No cooperation with attack on Iran

28 October 2012

Van Bommel: No cooperation with attack on Iran

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel is demanding that the Netherlands offer absolutely no form of cooperation to preparations for a possible preventive attack on Iran. ‘It’s recently been acknowledged that the British have refused unequivocally to go along with these preparations,’ says Van Bommel, ‘and the Netherlands would do well to follow this example.’

Great Britain refused to cooperate with the United States’ preparations because an attack at this time would be in conflict with international law. The British Minister of Justice received legal advice to the effect that a preventive attack on Iran would be against international law because the country presents no clear and present danger.

Harry van Bommel‘I want the minister to state whether he shares the British minister’s view that an attack on Iran is for the moment ruled out,’ says Van Bommel. ‘I also want to know whether the Netherlands has in one way or another been approached by the United States or Israel to cooperate in preparations for a possible attack on Iran and if so, how he reacted. Given that such an attack would be a clear transgression of international law, this is clearly out of the question.’

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