Van Bommel: Netherlands must take a stand against targeted killings

20 August 2012

Van Bommel: Netherlands must take a stand against targeted killings

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel wants to see the Netherlands take a clear stand against the United States’ policy of targeted killings. Van Bommel: ‘The increase in targeted attacks on alleged terrorists without any form of due process and outside of recognised areas of armed conflict is an extremely worrying development. The Netherlands’ radio silence over this is equally of concern. It’s high time that our contry took a clear stand against this repugnant and counter-productive policy.’

During Barack Obama’s presidency the number of targeted killings has grown enormously. In Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia uncrewed aeroplanes, so-called drones, are firing rockets off continually. Thousands have already died as a result. There are reports that the United States is also conducting drone attacks against groups of people whose identity isn’t known. Rescue workers and funeral processions are regularly amongst the targets. Many of the victims of these attacks are civilians. Special UN reporters have repeatedly drawn attention to the illegality of targeted killings.

‘This American policy raises a great deal of questions, principally questions of law. In view of this, and of the huge increase in these attacks, it is of the greatest importance that the Netherlands take a stand against this. As long as major doubts persist as to the legitimacy of drone attacks, the Netherlands must argue vigorously for a moratorium.’

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