Van Bommel: 'EU must cut spending on private jets'

4 May 2012

Van Bommel: 'EU must cut spending on private jets'

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel is demanding that the European Union cut its spending on the use of private aircraft without delay. 'According to the European Commission the EU budget for next year will have to increase by almost 7%,’ says Van Bommel . ‘That’s ridiculous enough, but in a time of austerity having yourself flown about at a rate of €20,000 a pop oversteps all reasonable bounds.'

Van Bommel has previously proposed that EU officials take advantage of cheaper airlines. Figures regarding the use of private jets show, in his view, that EU institutions have no idea how to behave when it comes to questions of money. ‘You see it everywhere,’ he says. ‘Officials have to have the most expensive tickets, travel expenses are sky high, and luxury air travel of this kind is seen as normal. They have to realise that when everyone is expected to economise, squandering money in this way must be consigned to the past.’

Van Bommel asked the Dutch government on Friday to protest against the current contract for private jets and to demand that their use be reduced to an absolute minimum.

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