Compulsory labelling of furs in sight

18 March 2012

Compulsory labelling of furs in sight

From 8th May 2012 compulsory labelling of furs will be introduced throughout the European Union, putting an end to the uncertainty often felt by purchasers over the material from which a particular garment or fur trim is made.

Henk van GervenThe SP has long argued in favour of compulsory labelling because of frequent uncertainty over whether an item of clothing is made from fur or from fake fur. SP Member of Parliament Henk van Gerven, welcoming the new law, called it “an important step in warning consumers prior to the purchase of products which have been in part manufactured by animal-unfriendly breeding farms.”

In June, 2009 the Dutch Parliament voted to support a proposal from the SP by which the government was instructed to propose the compulsory labelling of furs at European level. “Many consumers incorrectly assume that inexpensive coats will contain only fake fur,” explains Van Gerven. “Unfortunately that’s not the case. Real fur is sometimes used even in cheap jackets and coats.”

Together with the PvdA (Labour Party) the SP is currently working on a law banning fur production in mink breeding farms in the Netherlands. The law has already been adopted by majority vote in Parliament’s lower house – in reality its main legislative chamber – and will shortly be presented in the Senate.

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