Occupy movement comes to the Netherlands!

12 October 2011

Occupy movement comes to the Netherlands!

Next Saturday will see world-wide actions against the excesses of the capitalist system, including demonstrations in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Photo: Kimberliky / Flickr creative commons by-nc-nd

People won’t any longer put up with a situation in which the few enrich themselves excessively at the cost of the many and of society as a whole. Through its irresponsible behaviour the financial sector has dragged Europe and the entire world into crisis. This cannot continue to be without consequences. Any intelligent person can see that there is something fundamentally wrong with our system. The financial markets must be curbed!

The zeitgeist has been turned upside down. 'The times they are a-changing’. From the United States something good, this time, has spread throughout the world: the Occupy movement. Beginning with the occupation of Wall Street, the movement now counts supporters across the globe. Next Saturday, they will everywhere take to the streets again.

Emile Roemer, leader of the SP

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