Van Bommel: 'Step up pressure on Syria after bloodbath’

1 August 2011

Van Bommel: 'Step up pressure on Syria after bloodbath’

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel today urged Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal to impose stricter sanctions on Syria following a bloodbath this weekend in the town of Hama in which eighty civilians lost their lives. Van Bommel wants to see all available diplomatic means employed to induce the Syrian regime to introduce peaceful reforms and instigate a meaningful political discussion with the domestic opposition.

Harry van Bommel Last weekend’s bloodbath brings the total number of civilians who have lost their lives, according to activists, to at least 1,600. “The European Union has rightly expressed its disgust at this but imposed only limited diplomatic sanctions,” says Van Bommel. “There is still no comprehensive arms embargo on Syria and this needs to be speedily rectified. If economic sanctions can help to push Assad towards realistic reforms then they should certainly be considered.”
Rosenthal said last weekend that “Assad’s rule has today lost legitimacy”. Van Bommel has since asked the Foreign Minister when in his view the Assad regime would lose its legitimacy completely and what consequences that would have for diplomatic contacts. “Harsh words from the minister but I’m more interested in his actions,” says Van Bommel.

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