Mass trade union demonstration against EU economic plans

22 June 2011

Mass trade union demonstration against EU economic plans

On Tuesday trade unions demonstrated in Luxembourg against EU plans for economic governance. Media sources gave the figure for participants as 10,000. The right-wing parties in the European Parliament are attempting this week to force through the controversial vote on the package of measures that the Parliament must approve before they can be introduced. Parties of the left share the trade unions’ serious objections to the proposals.

Dennis de Jong‘We don’t want a postponement, we went these idiotic plans throwing out,’ says SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong. ‘If this can’t be achieved via the European Parliament, then we’ll have to do it in some other fashion.’ De Jong hopes that the Dutch government will implement the recent national parliamentary motion calling for an end to the transfer of powers to Brussels. ‘We know well enough that the European Parliament wants more power for Brussels,’ says De Jong, ‘so let the Netherlands stand up to this Brussels monster and fight it tooth and nail.’

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