‘Death of Bin Laden has mostly symbolic significance’

2 May 2011

‘Death of Bin Laden has mostly symbolic significance’

‘With the death of Osama bin Laden an important symbol of terrorism has ceased to be, and I can well imagine the joy of many Americans. On the other hand, we must wait and see what this means for the fight against terrorism,’ says SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel. ‘There are after all many groups which feel an affinity for Al Qaida or which operate under that name.’

Harry van BommelIn making public the elimination of Osama bin Laden, President Obama emphasised that this could occur because of effective cooperation between the US and Pakistani intelligence services. In Van Bommel’s view this is of great importance, as it “removes doubts over Pakistan’s preparedness actively to combat terrorism at home.”
On the basis of the announcement, the SP is assured that the US will provide full disclosure regarding the investigation and elimination of Bin Laden. “Putting Bin Laden on trial was to be desired but is now no longer possible,” says Van Bommel. “The henchmen who have been arrested will in any case answer before a judge, and this will probably reveal what remains of Bin Laden’s network.”

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