Limit use of business class flights by Euro-MPs

6 April 2011

Limit use of business class flights by Euro-MPs

Voting on the European Parliament’s budget for 2012 saw the rejection of a proposal to oblige MEPs to use economy rather than business class for short flights. ‘It’s hard to explain why MEPs should be allowed to cling on to this unnecessary luxury, while austerity is being imposed throughout Europe,’ says SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong.

Dennis de JongWhat’s important for the SP is that in a time when everyone is being asked to tighten their belts, the European Parliament should be setting an example. “Hanging on to this sort of privilege sends the wrong signal,” says De Jong.

The European Parliament yesterday voted in favour of an increase of 2.3% in its own budget for 2012, with Dennis de Jong, who considers that it should instead be reduced, voting against.

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