Dennis de Jong appointed to working group to tackle corruption in Euro-MPs

8 April 2011

Dennis de Jong appointed to working group to tackle corruption in Euro-MPs

SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong will be joining the new working group in the European Parliament which will be proposing a new code of conduct. The SP Member is the only Dutch representative in the group of eight. He has a long-standing interest in developing a tighter and more effective set of rules for MEPs. ‘I think it’s a shame that corruption scandals had to erupt before the Parliament decided to take action, but I’m pleased that there now appears to be a breakthrough,’ De Jong said.

Dennis de JongDe Jong has a list of proposals which he will be bringing to the working group, a list which includes a maximum value of €50 for gifts, a ban on moonlighting, and the introduction of sanctions to be applied if the Code of Conduct is transgressed. “Sometimes there are clear cases of corruption but MEPs can, as things stand, only be requested to resign their seats. We need therefore firmer agreements, and punishments such as fines, suspension or expulsion.”

De Jong also argues that the role of lobbyists in Brussels must be made more visible. “I want an obligatory register and a ‘legislative footprint’, which is to say the maintenance of a register enabling anyone to see which lobbyists have lobbied for which measures. Whistle-blowers must also enjoy better protection, so that shady practices can be brought to light more readily.”
The new working group will begin its work next week.

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