De Jong: European Commission proposals on internal market demand concrete action

13 April 2011

De Jong: European Commission proposals on internal market demand concrete action

The SP European Parliament group has welcomed proposals for the internal market presented today by the European Commission, but sees them as containing far too little that is concrete. The Commission has, the SP notes, done a good job of identifying a number of major problems with the internal market, including the need for improved protection of social rights, for faster credit for small businesses, and for specific European rules governing not-for-profit undertakings. Commenting on the proposals, SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong says, “All these problems must be solved, but as to how this will be achieved, I am waiting in anticipation for the Commission’s concrete proposals.’

Dennis de JongThe SP has in the past asked for measures to be taken in all of these areas, as De Jong explains. “The most important is strong protection of social rights for workers, so that social dumping can be prevented. So what’s needed is a social clause applicable to the whole internal market.”

The SP agrees with the direction of the Commission’s proposals regarding tendering for public procurement. De Jong again: “My suggestions as to making tenders available to small and medium-sized firms, as well as making the process more sustainable and socially friendly appear to have been adopted by the Commission, but everything now depends on the way in which this is elaborated.”

This summer the SP will be presenting a number of different specific proposals relating to cooperatives. The party has organised several meetings with cooperatives at which the Commission will also be represented. ‘We’ll really be getting down to brass tacks at these,” says De Jong. “Not vague undertakings or declarations of intent, but a list with real concrete proposals to do right by cooperatives.”

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