Revolution in Egypt: enough is enough

2 February 2011

Revolution in Egypt: enough is enough

by Emile Roemer

Emile RoemerAll day I keep half an eye on the pictures on television. I follow all the news. I can honestly say that I sympathize with what is happening in the north east corner of Africa, the frustration with thirty years of oppression is now coming to the surface. These are exciting times, not only for people in Egypt, but for the whole of the Arab world, indeed for the whole world.

Most of us know Egypt from holiday brochures, and perhaps from a visit to this magnificent country with its extraordinary history. But behind the beautiful pictures hides a land in which the people have for decades been oppressed and exploited. Those people have now passed judgement: enough is enough.

If the changes in Tunisia also succeed in Egypt, the most important Arab country, it will affect the entire region. The Arab world could, in one go, take a great leap forward in history. Democracy, freedom and prosperity will then lie in the offing. Welcome to modernity.

Enjoying a holiday in a dictatorship leaves an aftertaste. Let’s hope that Egypt’s people are successful in their just struggle and let’s try to do all that we can here to help them.

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