SP 'thinks global', says 'Vote Without Frontiers'

21 May 2010

SP 'thinks global', says 'Vote Without Frontiers'

The SP election manifesto has earned praise from Kies Grenzeloos ('Vote Without Frontiers') for its approach to international issues such as climate change, the fight against poverty, sustainability and social responsibility.

The group compared the commitments made by the various parties on a range of questions, including fair trade agreements, combating tax evasion by multinationals, and the abolition of EU farm subsidies. On every point the SP won approval.

SP Member of Parliament and development cooperation spokesman Ewout Irrgang is pleased with the result. "The SP is a party which stands for international solidarity," he says. "That's why we don't want to see cuts in the development budget, but rather increases directed towards real aid. Development cooperation shouldn't be reduced but improved. In recent years we have developed countless ideas for achieving this, a number of which have been successfully implemented. It's great that people can now see once again from our election manifesto that a vote for the SP is a vote for international solidarity."

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