‘No support for Greece under these conditions’

8 May 2010

‘No support for Greece under these conditions’

The SP yesterday voted against a support package for Greece totalling almost €5 billion. SP Member of Parliament and economics spokesman Ewout Irrgang said that the Greek debt must first be restructured before there is any chance that the Netherlands will ever see its money again.

In Irrgang’s view Greece is itself primarily responsible for the situation in which it finds itself, but banks and international investors are also culpable, having for years been prepared to extend loans to the country in return for a higher rates of interest.

Ewout IrrgangThe financial sector has contributed to creating the problem and should therefore contribute to its solution. This could be done through a partial debt remission for Greece, which would also mean that Dutch taxpayers would get their money back.
“The SP is not in principle against financial aid for Greece. But this aid seems more aimed at helping the banks than at helping the Greeks.”

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