SP: Stop the liberalisation of the post

6 April 2010

SP: Stop the liberalisation of the post

The international umbrella organisation for trade unions is organising a demonstration in Brussels on Wednesday 14th April against the further liberalisation of postal services in the EU. Representatives of postal workers in Europe are calling for a moratorium on any further liberalisation of the post until:

  • the social consequences have been thoroughly researched
  • conditions of employment within the postal industry as a whole are guaranteed
  • the financing of universal postal services is guaranteed
  • a way is found to compete on quality of service and not on social and working conditions

Postal workers from the Netherlands will be bringing along enormous postcards carrying their demands, the idea being that in Brussels they can be signed by as many people as possible.

Come along to the demo!
Join Dutch trade unionists and SP Euro-MPs and national parliamentarians in Brussels.

See http://www.uniglobalunion.org/Apps/iportal.nsf/pages/sec_20081016_gbkmEn for more information about how to get to the demonstration from your country.

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