SP joins postal workers in action demanding halt to liberalisation

14 April 2010

SP joins postal workers in action demanding halt to liberalisation

utch postal workers demonstrated in Brussels today, joining around five hundred colleagues from eighteen European countries to demand a moratorium on the liberalisation of the postal market. Member of the Netherlands' national parliament Sharon Gesthuizen, European Parliament SP group chair Dennis de Jong and some fifty Dutch posties were present at the demonstration. Addressing the crowd, Sharon Gesthuizen brought the message 'halt liberalisation in your countries while you still can', while earlier in the day Dennis de Jong spoke with the European trade union organisation about the proposal for a moratorium.

Sharon GesthuizenFor the SP it's clear that the liberalisation of the Dutch postal market has had dreadful consequences for postal workers and for the country's population. Together with the 'Save the Postie' action committee, the SP has suggestions to improve the postal sector. This weekend Sharon Gesthuizen proposed that the former national carrier TNT Post be renationalised, while the counter-attack is also under way at the European Parliament, with Dennis de Jong taking up the European trade unions' request and asking the European Commission, via a parliamentary question, to call a halt to further liberalisation.

Action Committee spokesman 'Rob van der Post' was also present, expressing his pride that so many Dutch postal workers had travelled to Brussels. "It's important that we show our solidarity," he said. "But as employees of TNT it also does our hearts good to see so many workers from all over Europe fighting for the same objective."

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