Italy gets down to work with SP report on waste

12 April 2010

Italy gets down to work with SP report on waste

The SP report 'Waste has a future', by member of the national parliament Remi Poppe, and Euro-MP Kartika Liotard, is finding its way to decision-makers around Europe. An official of the Italian Embassy in the Netherlands contacted the SP earlier in the month to ask for a copy of the English translation, and last weekend she was in touch again to confirm that it will be used by an Italian committee of enquiry into illegal waste processing and transport.

"It's great that the Italian authorities are going to take a serious look into this,” says Poppe. “The situation in Naples shows that there's a great deal of work to be done. This applies, moreover, not only to Italy but to the whole of Europe, with the Netherlands being no exception. We function within Europe as a sort of huge transfer point for this trade in waste. European cooperation in surveillance and enforcement of the law is badly needed.”

In two weeks' time Poppe will be present at a meeting with an Italian parliamentary delegation which is visiting the Netherlands to discuss waste management. The delegation will hold a meeting with the Dutch parliamentary committee on the environment.

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