Emile Roemer elected parliamentary leader of SP

5 March 2010

Emile Roemer elected parliamentary leader of SP

Emile Roemer, SP spokesman on transport, was today elected by his fellow MPs to lead the party's group in parliament. The unanimous choice follows the resignation of Agnes Kant as leader in the wake of Wednesday's disappointing local election results.

Emile Roemer“Agnes certainly didn't deserve this,” Roemer told colleagues in a letter announcing his candidacy for the vacant parliamentary leadership, “she enjoyed the fullest confidence of all of us. But we must understand and have the greatest respect for her decision. It is difficult, but we will, as always, continue.”

Roemer has been an active member of the SP since 1980, having served as branch chair as well as leader of the party's group on the local council of Boxmeer, his home town. Under his leadership the SP grew to become the town's biggest political party. Following a period as a member of the council's ruling coalition, in 2006 Roemer was elected to parliament.

Emile Roemer's first task will be to play a major role SP's attempt to restore support in time for the general election on 9th June. “We must win back the confidence of all those people who have lost it,” he said. “We have the best people and the best ideas. More than any other party we are fighting together for a better Netherlands.”

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