Government reaction to Davids Commission Report on Iraq 'unsatisfactory'

9 February 2010

Government reaction to Davids Commission Report on Iraq 'unsatisfactory'

SP leader Agnes Kant has described the government's reaction to the Davids Report on the invasion of Iraq as "unsatisfactory". Kant's view is that "the cabinet still does not acknowledge that even with what was known at the time, the war should have been seen as illegal. In addition, Parliament was insufficiently and incorrectly informed. I don't see recognition of this in the government's statement either."

Agnes KantThe fact that reports from the security services were treated selectively Kant sees as 'misleading'. Parliament was deliberately deceived. A substantial debate must be held, one in which the government accepts its responsibility. Kant, however, notes that this possibility has not been raised.

Kant believes that there are plans for a compromise brief in which the two parties now in government, the Christian Democrats (CDA) who governed at the time of the war, and Labour (PvdA), then in opposition, each gives its own explanation of events. "The CDA will say that there could have been a more adequate mandate. The PvdA will say that there was insufficient mandate in international law for the war. With such a formulation you can really have it both ways."

The SP sees it as extremely important that Parliament was insufficiently informed about the American request for military support for the invasion, and believes that it remains the case that a parliamentary enquiry is probably needed before all the facts can be brought into the open. In addition, the party sees it as desirable that more people be called to testify, and that it would be best if this were under oath.

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