SP: ‘Cancel Haiti's debt'

18 January 2010

SP: ‘Cancel Haiti's debt'

SP Member of Parliament Ewout Irrgang is urging Development Minister Bert Koenders to demand the cancellation of Haiti's debts to the IMF and World Bank. “A terrible catastrophe of unprecedented proportions has hit Haiti. The most urgent priority must now be the saving of as many lives as possible through the provision of sufficient aid. The huge problems experienced in connection with this are already making that an enormous task. But the reconstruction of the country which must follow will be at least as difficult.”

Ewout IrrgangHaiti has had a scarcely functioning government and debts to the IMF and World Bank totalling US$641 million. Irrgang wants to see these debts cancelled. “Even before the earthquake most inhabitants of Haiti were living in terrible poverty. The government in Haiti must in time be given the chance to put the country back on its feet. Haiti is in a great deal of debt, and it would be a good gesture to cancel this debt to aid this process. The international community must obviously then take steps to ensure that the money thus freed up is well spent.”

In addition, Irrgang believes that the United Nations must quickly take on the coordination of aid, which is as things stand chaotic and inadequate.

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