EU membership for Croatia out of the question

17 October 2009

EU membership for Croatia out of the question

The accession of Croatia to the European Union in 2010 is simply not feasible, according to SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel. Van Bommel, reacting to the recent 'enlargement reports' produced by the European Commission, said "Croatia is even more corrupt than Bulgaria and Romania, which are still trying to meet the demands of membership. Shouldn't this be a case of 'once bitten, twice shy'? Instead of offering false hopes, the EU should be patient, and put its energy into aiding the fight against corruption."

Harry van BommelThe European Commission says a great deal in its reports about the huge progress which Balkan countries such as Croatia have made towards becoming eligible for EU membership. In the SP's view, it's time for a dose of realism. “There are two peacekeeping missions in the Balkans, in Bosnia and Kosovo. Albania is a country of dire poverty. Bosnia-Herzegovina is not regarded by its ethnic Serbian minority as a viable state. There remain very many matters to be resolved before the Balkans can form part of the EU.”

In November Parliament will debate the European Commission's enlargement reports with the government. The SP will use this opportunity to attempt to force any question of a 2010 accession date from the political agenda.

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