SP keeps two seats on increased vote share

4 June 2009

SP keeps two seats on increased vote share

"The biggest parties, the Christian Democrats (CDA), Labour (PvdA), and Liberals (VVD) have been punished for their pro-European course of the last few years," said SP leader Agnes Kant as the definitive European election forecast, based on exit polls, was published. Final results will not be available until other countries have voted on Sunday, but the usually reliable poll shows that the SP held on to its two seats in the European Parliament, receiving a higher share of the vote than last time. Because of enlargement of the EU, more votes are now needed to win a seat, as the number of seats to which the Netherlands is entitled has been reduced. "Once again we have gained," said Kant. “We haven't hit the jackpot as we'd hoped, but it's thanks to years of our efforts that so many parties have been critical of Europe's direction."

Christian Democrats, Liberals and Labour all borrowed SP policies during the campaign, echoing the party's commitments: no interference with our public sector, less red tape for small businesses, an end to the current system where member states hand over money to Brussels only to get some of it back for projects they could have funded themeselves in the first place, and a reduction in agricultural spending. “Since the campaign against the European Constitution in 2005, these parties have suddenly become Euro-critical," said Agnes Kant. "But to date this has been in words only. We'll be holding them to their promises."

Dennis de Jong

Dennis de Jong, who topped the SP list for the elections and will shortly take his seat in the European Parliament alongside Kartika Liotard, who retained hers, was given loud applause as he took the podium. "You have losers and winners in any election and tonight we are clearly amongst the winners," he said. "Unfortunately only four out of ten people voted. That's six out of ten whose lives are certainly affected by Brussels, but who chose not to have their voice heard. Our task over the next five years is to ensure that these people will see the point in voting next time, by showing them what Brussels does, and above all what it should not be doing."

Agnes Kant

Agnes Kant had nothing but praise for De Jong: “He got stronger in every debate and completely dominated the last debate between lead candidates. In a short time he's grown into the role of 'our man in Brussels'. Congratulations to you and your team."

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