'Referendum on Turkish EU membership'

7 May 2009

'Referendum on Turkish EU membership'

“In the discussion on Turkey's accession to the European Union everyone is talking over people's heads." So said SP number one candidate Dennis de Jong on Thursday evening during the debate between leading candidates of Dutch political parties on national TV. “Turkey as things stand cannot be allowed into the EU," he added. "And if in the near future our government thinks that all conditions for accession have been met, it should call a referendum so that the people can express their views. This would show that you're taking people seriously.”

Dennis de Jong

Leading candidates from every significant party were invited to explain to viewers where they stood. Less Brussels, that was the core of Dennis de Jong's argument. This clearly distinguished him from all the other parties, which in each case has high hopes of Brussels. "They deny Brussels' neolioberal character," said De Jong. "The big corporations have far too much power there, with their 12,000 lobbyists."

De Jong denied during the debate that there is a lack of interest amongst the people when it comes to Europe. "People have certainly got opinions about Europe," he said. "In the 2005 referendum, 61.6% of the electorate said no to the European Constitution. Yet in the back-rooms a new treaty was cobbled together that's almost identical. Only the European anthem and flag have been removed, but the same flag can be seen waving all over the place, so that doesn't mean anything. No new referendum, so people feel that they have been taken for fools.”

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