Dutch aid to Burundi: clear conditions must be attached

14 April 2009

Dutch aid to Burundi: clear conditions must be attached

Clear political conditions must be put on any aid which the Netherlands gives to Burundi, according to a Parliamentary majority which backed a proposal to that effect from the SP and the centre-right CDA (Christian Democrats). SP development aid spokesman Ewout Irrgang explains: “From our contacts with the Burundian opposition it appears that they are also of the opinion that their country's government is receiving money from the Netherlands far too easily while that same government is perpetrating serious human rights abuses. This cannot go on, and I'm delighted that Parliament agrees with us on this.”

Ewout IrrgangIrrgang has long been extremely concerned about the so-called 'budgetary support' afforded by the Netherlands to the Burundian government, finding it, he says, impossible to understand why no conditions are attached to this when so many human rights abuses occur in this Central African country. “The Burundian opposition doesn't understand why the Netherlands is to a large extent financing their country's army, while the police are involved in targeted attempts at murder against the civilian population. They have asked the SP to be much more demanding when it comes to scrutinising aid, especially in relation to human rights."

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