SP: We need a total ban on seal fur in EU

19 March 2009

SP: We need a total ban on seal fur in EU

The SP is demanding a complete ban on trade in seal fur. Kartika Liotard, Member of the European Parliament, used a meeting of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in Brussels on Tuesday to call on other parties to support the proposal. Demonstrating in front of the European Parliament in Brussels, IFAW showed videos of new-born seals which, within a month, will be the target of commercial hunters.

Kartika Liotard amongst demonstrators

After watching the images projected on to a mobile screen (carried in a demonstrator's rucksack), Kartika Liotard addressed the gathering: "It fills me with horror and disgust that this wonderful natural spectacle will soon become the stage for a bloody spectacle of suffering and pain, with pups as young as twelve days clubbed to death or shot. Although it's too late for the animals in the film, there is hope for the future. We are on the point of reaching a European ban on the import of and trade in seal fur. The European public will only be content with a total ban. In the Netherlands we have strived successfully for such a ban but the European Commission has tried to undermine this, placing more value on the 'free market' than on the welfare of animals. I want to see a total ban, and I hope you will join me in this demand."

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