Profits put before patients

31 March 2009

Profits put before patients

SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard describes herself as “baffled” by the behaviour of the two Dutch centre-right parties, the opposition VVD and the governing Christian Democrat CDA, in the European Parliament this morning. Their votes on the report on cross-border medical care showed that the two put economic interests before those of patients. “This is the world turned upside down,” Liotard says. “This is the same VVD which reproached the SP for what it claimed was 'playing political games at the expense of patients'. But if you take a good look at what happened here this morning, then it's clear that not for the first time commerce and profit have been put before healthcare. This is what happens continually in Europe."


Kartika Liotard"The directive, adopted despite our opposition, will hasten the destruction of our national health care system and provides an incentive to patients to go abroad for treatment. Of course someone with a serious complaint that needs urgent attention, such as an acute heart condition, should get the treatment and care they need, and abroad if necessary. But if we continue in this direction then everyone will soon be obliged to travel far from home when they need specialist attention. In the SP's view, health care within the EU must remain a matter for the member states. A vote for CDA or VVD in the coming European elections is a vote for the break up of our national health care system.”

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