Import of furs made from cats and dogs banned

12 January 2009

Import of furs made from cats and dogs banned

Furs made from the pelt of a dog or cat will be banned from this year, thanks to a sustained campaign from, amongst other people, concerned Dutch citizens, including SP Euro-MPs. Without this campaign, European Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou would never have proposed such a ban.

Kartika LiotardResponding to pressure
The European Commission has at last responded to the call from hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals who shudder at the thought that in the Europe of the twenty-first century clothes may legally be imported which are made from the pelts of domestic dogs and cats.

Kartika Liotard, Member of the European Parliament for the SP, said that the Commissioner's move was "better late than never." She added that she was "pleased with the measure," having long actively supported such a ban and "signed the Written Declaration which led to the European Parliament resolution which made the ban possible."

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