Social laws flouted in road transport sector

7 October 2008

Social laws flouted in road transport sector

The transposition and implementation of social laws governing conditions in the road transport industry are running hopelessly behind what is supposedly legally required. Four member states are said to be in a complete mess over the matter, but they have not been named. This has an influence on the regulation of working hours, driving times and rest periods which is bad for road safety and bad for the health of people who drive for a living.

SP support

Erik MeijerThe SP supports plans to do something about this, despite the fact that better proposals were voted down at an earlier stage. "We are doing this because enforcement of social laws is extremely important to us and because self-employed drivers will also as a result of these laws now come under the directive," says Erik Meijer. "Competition in the sector is murderous. When it comes to enforcing the rules, words have to be translated into actions. Drivers must hold on to their right to make a decent living."

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